The HR4K Story

What does HR4K mean?

HR4 is the original postcode of our home and humble garage where it all started back in Hereford in 2016. We were serving in the SAS at the time, with only a few years left of a full military career. During our service we had the honour of working with other nations' special forces units who were already patrons of many of the brands we represent today.

Inspired by the quality and originality of those brands, we wanted to share and promote them here in the UK.

Tier 1 special forces selection

As well as representing our geographical origins, HR4K also hints at our military careers as an anagram of 4K Hr.

4 km an hour is the speed at which a Tier 1 Special Forces candidate must march with weight across the Brecon Beacons mountains. Achieving this average speed, pitching against time, climate, and the gruelling terrain, the candidate would be allowed to continue on Special Forces Selection Course.

Driven by the SAS tenets

Although we are a veteran operated company, our business model is not solely military, however the ethos of our brand has been forged by our service, which gives HR4K its substance. We are about community and identifying with those who contribute in every way.